What! Now there's six of us!!


Allright folks! Guess it's time to throw a water bird (a finnish saying, don't ask..) at this silence and let the fiery hot waves of the internet burn as we drop some news of what we've been plotting behind your backs. Nothing less than that we grew our valiant ranks with one member. Ladies and gentlemen, our new keyboard player Lassi "Lassi" Pentikäinen!!!! After Lassi joined, our songs have risen to an all new dimension and you'll get to witness it at the Grande show on the 4th of February. We'll be playing some new songs too. You don't want to miss this!!

Overtake is complete once again!


Well that didn't take long. We found our guy from the first audition. A dude whose played in various different bands throughout the years, a talent who carries the name Tomi "Tomi" Piirainen!! A few songs, a bit of jammin, one cigarette break discussion... Overtake got a new drummer. No doubt about it!!

Overtake is looking for a new drummer!!!


We are looking for a skilled and versatile drummer with a great passion for music and shows. And it is a plus if you have played something else in addition to heavy metal. Feel free to contact us. All are welcome to audition! Contact us via facebook or by e-mail (band@overtake.fi)

More big news!!


Unfortunately we have to announce that our long time drummer Erno Korhonen has left the band because of other music projects and lack of time. A great thanks to Erno for the years we had together! All the best for your future projects!

Big news!!


Member chages. Unfortunately our long-term giutarist Mika Lintula has left the band for personal reasons. There was no drama. The biggest reason was lack of time. We can't describe enough how a great 12 years we had together!! A lot of cool stories could be told and even more stories that can't bare the sunlight ;) A huge thanks and an even huger bow for these years!

ps. see you ice-fishing...


But regardless of everything, new winds are blowing..

We found a new guitarist suprisingly close..

Ladies and girls..

Joona "Joona" Riipi!!

That dancing guitar player, who is known from the bands TreaTmenT and Pohjoistuuli. After a few shows we played with him, we can say of Joona that his musical skills and stage performance fit Overtake perfectly!


Some revelations of the future:

Overtake is now working hard on a first full album. We will post news, pictures and videos along the way.


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