summer shows


One show done for this summer and a one ahead in the next few weeks. More info on the shows -page

the northest thrash assault -split released


three lappish thrash bands joined forces and created a split filled with brutal lappish metal. overtake, treatment and home style surgery. now is the time to support lappish culture and make your order. be fast, because we only have a limited number of records. more info here


something unbelievable


We could of never believed this would ever happen. It shouldn't have been even possible. Overtake will be playing at Finlands largest rock club Teatria and will be opening for the most legendary thrash band in Finland, heavy-pioneer, the one and only STONE!!! YES.... STONE!!!!!!!! This means so fuckin' much to us that we can't find any words. Overtake started out by playing Stone and even our name comes from a Stone song. Heavy shit... Now is the time to come out of your caves and go headbanging. On the 9th of march, Club Teatria is Finlands heavy-mekka!!!


one more show + changes


We will be opening for Quake the Earth in November at the eighth Metalstorm in Grande, Rovaniemi. Also some timetable and venue changes to upcoming shows. more info on the shows-page

Overtake in America!!!


Yes! You read it right! 272 records, a record label from Los Angeles asked us if we would want the song "One Figer Salute" to be part of their "Kill City Vol. 40" heavy compilation album. Hell yeah we jumped aboard and now the record is done!


At this moment, the record is on the playlists of 25 different U.S. radio stations. Oh yeah man!!!! The record can also be bought from, Amoeba Music (Hollywood’s largest and most popular record store) and several rock shops on Hollywood Blvd. & Sunset Blvd. America, here we come! ;P


You can also buy the record through our website on the releases page. The link for ordering the record can be found under the track list. The price is only 9.99 dollars. That's about 7.70 euros.


Rock on!!!

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